You Lose Money!

Both directly and indirectly. Directly by investing constantly in pen and paper and indirectly via slow cash flow. A paper invoice is non- traceable, therefore ensuring no timely payment for the job done. With a proper online invoicing solution like Invoicera, you’ll be able to track invoice and know if your invoice is received and viewed by your client. You might completely lose your paper invoice in the mail and won’t discover until you start chasing it. Are you going to personally call them, if they have received the invoice or not? Will you be calling all your clients yourself or will hire an employee to do this? Paper invoice process makes you ask yourself a lot of questions and bear a lot of extra costs. The other situation could be, your invoice has already been received by the client but got lost in the pile of other papers and files. This is one step of cash flow delay. The step two could lead to incorrect invoice and later on a few manuals back and forth of invoices before your client actually processes it for payments. All and all, with paper, invoice your cash flow is affected to the extent that it can hamper your daily business activities. A small business invoice software, on the other hand, lets you create an invoice within minutes and then send it to clients via mail. Sending the invoices via mail will also allow you to keep a track of whether the invoice has been viewed or ignored by the client. This will help you escalate the concern thereafter. An invoicing system for small business makes the entire process of invoicing super fast. It even enables you to make edits online and never wait for days to get paid for your services. compete in today’s world.

(i) Why is online invoicing for business beneficial?

Invoicing software for business is the supplement that helps boost your entire cash flow. This not just a saying but a proven fact. Here is how it works! Once you log in to your account, creating an invoice is just a few clicks away. Select all your services and saved figures from the drop down. With the already saved client information, your invoice is set to shoot via mail to your client. While creating and sending an invoice online, your process takes less than 5 minutes which lets you send your invoices to clients super fast. Thereby, increasing the inflow of payments into the organization. It also lets you automatically alert the clients about the late payments and due invoices. The automatic reminder helps cut your extra activities and manage all your finances in time. The invoicing software for business works as a single dashboard to manage all your business invoices and finances. It lets you save all your information with the cloud and never miss it again.

Invoice software is not only simple but a convenient choice for businesses. They are an environment-friendly way to reduce cost and make more profits. You don’t need to print extra copies of invoices or save details on paper. By handling the transaction completely online, both companies will reduce their paper consumption and save money on postage. Small businesses should regularly look for ways to save time, improve the payment experience for its customers, as well as to reduce costs in order to grow their business. The use of electronic invoicing and payment system can quickly achieve all three of these benefits for small businesses

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