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How It Works

  • Upload Today's Gold Rate: Start by uploading today's gold rate manually into Today App. Input both the rate per gram and per 8 grams (pavan) to ensure accurate pricing for your customers. Adding address is optional, while upload the logo and gold rates is mandatory.

  • Choose Template: Explore our range of design templates and select the one that complements your shop's ambiance. Select the template that best suits your preferences and branding.

  • Set the Template: Once you've chosen your desired template, set it as the display format for showcasing the gold rate in your jewellery shop.

  • Share Through Apps: With just a click of the share button, you can easily share the template through various apps such as messaging platforms, social media, or email. Keep your customers informed even when they're not in your store, extending the reach of your promotions and offerings.

  • Display: Position the device prominently within your store, where customers can easily view the gold rate alongside your exquisite jewellery collection. Ensure that the display is easily accessible and visible to all visitors.

  • Update as Needed: As gold prices fluctuate throughout the day, stay proactive by updating the gold rate in Today App. Simply re-upload the revised rates to keep your customers informed and maintain transparency in pricing.

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