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We are one of the top leading jewellery erp software providing company in india and from our inception onwards we have been focusing to devote all our time and resources on developing jewellery (gold, diamonds, platinum, silver and precious stones) erp solutions - (accounting & inventory management softwares) - which we have specially designed for jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. And in the meantime we have gained a deep understanding of how the jewellery industry works and what their specific needs are.

Transparency, maximized efficiency and increased productivity are our key mottos.


Our vision is a high-tech jewellery industry creating the highest possible value for all participants, from manufacturers to customers, by employing state of the art ERP solutions and services.We are committed to continuously improving and evolving our products, to add new features and build new tools for the jewellery industry. This is how we guarantee that our ERP software solutions are future-proof and can be relied upon in the long run.

Transparency, maximized efficiency, increased productivity are some of the key benefits which you will get by managing your jewellery business from start to finish, Our ERP jewellery software is a multi-faceted, easy to use jewellery management system which we have specially tailored to fit the real needs and existing practices of your jewellery business. Our software solutions provide a fully integrated platform for all operational processes associated with jewellery business.


Our mission is to become - India’s best ERP platform provider - to cater the specific needs and requirements of jewellery industry, to fully automate each and every single step involved in jewellery industry, to shun non-value added activities, to reduce errors or do-overs, to mitigate all sorts of operational issues; that may arise in the jewellery industry in the days to come; using our robust and flexible technology by looking in to the future and to provide the jewellery business owners a real-time overview of how their business is doing and also to ease their entire business operations.

Various modules and reports in our ERP platform help the jewellers to adopt various strategic decisions at crucial points in their day to day business operations and also help them to analyse the market in a highly professional manner. Without controls you cannot grow. What’s wonderful about us is, we are highly committed to jewellery industry and every moment we are trying to better ourselves or we are in the research mode, to provide the best IT support and service to our clients; something beyond their expectations. We would like to have a closely knitted and friendly relationship with our clients. Our modern and user friendly interface requires minimal training and provides maximum results. And those jewellers, who likes to grow and control their own business operations, have already started using ERP platforms of Logiology Solutions.


IT Support

Our experts provide IT support every single day.

Super fast service

Our engineers respond to your IT issues within just 10 minutes.

IT expertise

Our team are trained and certified to provide reliable, expert IT support.



Operational excellence

Company provide outstanding service through teamwork, accountability and innovation of which is reflected.

Continuous improvement

Teamwork, experience, accountability and innovation – all of which is reflected in the quality of our results.

Personal approach

We work on the basis of trust and professional integrity.

Targeting and positioning

Consists of a set of buyers who share common needs or characteristics that the company decides to serve.



  • Tested and proven technologies and processes.
  • Tailor-made solutions unique to you and your business needs.
  • Up to date next generation business grade technologies.
  • First class support delivered by genuine and reliable people.
  • Flexible theme options allow you to create your unique layout.


Our innovation meets no end and is regardless of companies’ size, shape and type. We are driven by a passion to deliver services that surpass our client’s expectation, ensure timely delivery with added layers of scalability and security. Our ultimate aim is to provide you with an excellent product bigger than your dreams. We make your entire business automated and reduce effort on accounts which can meet all strategies of it.

How Can We Help

Reliable and Affordable IT Services.

We provide cost-effective IT service. From network design and Managed IT Services to phone systems and corporate relocations, our expert technicians can help your business with almost any aspect of your communications strategy.

Get Your Quote or Call: (+91) 6282 299 021


It's not the size, industry or location that are common characteristics for our Clients. What they do have in common though, is a need for bespoke software and a reliable way of its development.




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