Keeping pace with the fast-changing needs of the time, the jewellers are facing difficulties in maintaining ledgers and other essential documents manually. In the current world of competitiveness, the Customer is not bound to a particular Jeweller. You need to regularly be in touch with Customer smartly to get maximum sales.
Sales of any business depend on 2 Main factors

  • Appropriate Stock
  • Customer Awareness

Appropriate Stock Means

  • To understand the need for a particular period of time: The preference of Indian consumers for jewellery products is based on long-entrenched cultural drivers. However, a jwellery software can help you understand the fluctuations in demand over time.
  • To understand the most saleable items in the current scenario: A jwellery management software stocks data about your inventory, you can easily figure out the most sold products and thus focus on them.
  • To mark the vendors whose products are purchased by your customers: This software also allows you to filter the vendors that sell the most to your customer, based on that data you can form a strategy to increase sales margin.

Customer Awareness

  • To understand the pulse of individual customer: Each customer is different and satisfying each of them will not be possible in any business, but there would be a majority of people who would report similar issues and using software you can track and fix those issues to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Study party purchase history smartly: Based on a customer’s purchase history that can be made available from a jwellery software, you can understand what they purchase, when they purchase. This can help you improve your pitch to them and sell more.
  • Pitching the right product at the right time: If you are looking to purchase a bike, companies that sell cars wouldn’t be able to convince you but if someone comes up with a lucrative bike offer, you would consider it. Same goes with jwellery, if you have accurate data, you would know what to sell when.
  • To make customers aware of upcoming deals/offers: You can use the notification feature from the software and let your audience know about the most exciting offers coming ahead.

Today the owner has lots of hard work to do in order to manage his existing business. He hardly gets time for analysis therefore a Smart Jewellery ERP can help him a lot in all these analyses and drive the tremendous increase in Sales. Plus we also provide many analytical reports to target particular customers at a particular given time to get maximize output (Like Onam, Christmas, Akshay Tritiya, etc). We also provide E-Catalogs with the help of which a jeweller can showcase his new designs to his target customers easily

Customer Relationship Administration

It develops a complete database of marketing resources, right from marketing collateral, current, and potential clients, campaign plans to business lead management. In fact, this software has the necessary tools as well as data in order to evaluate, audit and also re-align the current marketing activities with a marketing plan. Reminding of gifting on birthday Anniversary etc. We also provide schemes for salesman incentives so that they attend customers very enthusiastically and push hard to make the sales happen.

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