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Keys That Bright The Future Of Software Testing


Software testing is an activity to check whether the actual results match with the expected results and to ensure that the software system is Defect free. It involves execution of a software component or system component to evaluate one or more properties of interest. Software testing also helps to identify errors, gaps or missing requirements in contrary to the actual requirements. It can be either done manually or using automated tools.

In real time world software testing is said to be a risky job as compares to other fields. There are many factors which make sure that the above statement are true .They are:Unrealistic expectations from the tool, People often make mistakes by underestimating the time, cost and effort for the initial introduction of a tool, Mostly people underestimate the effort required to maintain the test assets generated by the tool.

But these are only the assumtions made by the tester. Software Testing is actually a risky one, but in my point of view it had got opportunities in various fields in future. They are :

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Currently, there are very few reliable tools in the market that use machine learning to help in the authoring and execution of functional testing, end-to-end testing, and regression testing. Some of the benefits we could expect to start seeing in testing thanks to AI:They are Easier authoring of tests, Lower maintenance work on test scripts, Fewer flaky tests.

For Example : If the tester built an automation framework using .net,java or in any other language. Eventhough they had got an robust framework and other flexibilities for writing the code to perform various actions, They often suffered with the common problem of maintenance. When a developer changed attributes of an element that were already covered by my automated tests, the tests started failing. As a result, they spent a lot of time just maintaining these tests instead of writing new automation code to cover new functionalities that were implemented.

This problem can now be solved by using dynamic locators the AI extracts from the Document Object Model (DOM). In real time, the AI analyzes all the object trees and properties from the DOM and can create a list of different attributes for a particular element. So, when an attribute of an element changes, the AI tries to go to the next attribute in the list to locate the element and keeps going through the list until the element is located.

2. DevOps
DevOps (development and operations) is an enterprise software development phrase used to mean a type of agile relationship between development and IT operations. The goal of DevOps is to change and improve the relationship by advocating better communication and collaboration between these two business units.

How DevOps influence testing?
As a rule we will always say that there exist a misunderstanding between the developers,testers and also with the operation teams. As usual there exist a lot of gaps in the SDLC cycle in terms of more bugs getting into production, unstable CI/CD infrastructure, and less visibility into production monitoring and statistics in most IT companies. When this process continues without any ending there will not get any benefits for both developers and testers. So we can drop up such cases by implementing a DevOps practice, and everyone started collaborating and contributing in each phase of the SDLC. This started from requirements gathering and extended all the way to production release and monitoring This increased culture of collaboration started having positive effects in team morale, more automation coming into place, and the whole team will work together as one unit.

3. QA as a Service
We have familar with SaaS (software as a service), IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service). Now a latest one had came. ie,QAaaS(Quality Assurance as a Service).

In the past few decades the big problem faced by the testers is having to maintain our own server machines to run automated tests. The server machines have different problems, like running out of storage space, a flaky internet connection, slow processing speed for the number of tests that are being run continuously and the need to be frequently updated with the latest OS, build tools, security patches, IDEs, and so on. These kinds of problems could be solved with QaaS providers, as they can do all these activities, so team members can concentrate on more critical tasks.

Companies that have QAaaS solutions make different aspects of your software testing process easier by providing ie,Test case management and maintenance solutions,Test automation tools with less need for coding,Robust test reporting features with logs, video recording, and screenshots.

In the future, QaaS providers are going to think about more ways to improve their offerings to stay ahead of their competitors, which will benefit software testers, too.

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