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SOC (security operation center)
Coming into the premises of Software firm, Gold industry, Jewellery, Account finance, wholesales, retail business, Hospitals or any other industry using computer network and internet cybersecurity is an important aspect i.e. data is an important aspect coming into any business now our days. Data breach is a treacherous activity.

How do we prevent these attacks? The context of any organizations like IT firm,

By implementing a SOC team.
Recruiting a expertize in the field of cybersecurity. Conducting strict testing.
Having a good cyber forensic team, a good root causes analysis and reporting of incidents.
Installing and using highly secure, updated network device and using a secure software as well.
Keep track each and every log clear it up to date.
What is a SOC?
A Security Operations Center (SOC) is an organized and highly skilled team whose mission is to continuously monitor and improve an organization. security posture while preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents with the aid of both technology and well-defined processes and procedures. SOC is the best practice to detect, analysis and report any security incidents within an organization.

As the SOC strategy must be both clearly defined and business-specific, said the strategy is strictly dependent on executive levels support and sponsorship, otherwise, the SOC itself will not be able to work properly, and it will not be perceived as a critical asset by the rest of the organization. The SOC must aim at addressing the company’s needs, and strong executive sponsorship is necessary for it to be successful.

The establishment of a SOC requires careful planning; its physical security must be taken into consideration; also, the layout of the operations center has to be carefully designed to be both comfortable and functional – lighting and acoustics issues must not be overlooked. A SOC is expected to contain several areas, including an operating room, a “war room” and the supervisors’ offices. Comfort, visibility, the efficiency, and control are key terms in this scenario and every single area must be designed accordingly.

The wide range – maybe one can say the complete range – of cyber security aspects to be considered, the highly specialized competencies and skills needed to run an effective SOC, the tight relationships with the business strategy and processes make the task of designing and managing a Security Operations Center a paradigmatic example of applied and holistic information security.

Leadership, motivation, and team leading skills are mandatory for a SOC manager willing to create a great team. Continuous training and engagement are necessary to keep the pace of the SOC aligned with the relentless development of threats and the tireless, increasingly highly sophisticated efforts by attackers. Running a SOC is as a complex endeavor, as it has to address the equally wide, pervasive and borderless problem of granting information security nowadays.

I also suggest cybersecurity enthusiasts should deepen their knowledge of the matter, because I see it as an excellent and comprehensive topic to deal with; it will give them a complete vision of what information security is and what value, if wisely applied, it can produce in any organization.