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Nebu comes with a comprehensive solution for gold retailers. Fully cloud-based integrated business software suite which provides an all in one solution to fulfill your business needs. The fully automated business software suite, which covers every movement from raw gold to a finished ornament and sale to customers. Nebu makes your small business to the power of an enterprise. Accounts are simple, so as a user can use Nebu without the help of a technician, without any prior experience. Currently, no commercial solution exists that integrates whole accounts, inventory, service, CRMS, expenses, POS and location.

Send Estimate & Quotations

Create estimates and quotes with this GST accounting software, share detailed costs & taxes with customers in a few clicks!, convert your estimate to the bill in just one click. And We makes your business look super professional and ensures your customers keep coming back. Start using this GST software for accounting today! Estimates & Quotations created using this GST Billing Software are not just accurate but instant as well.

Track orders

A complete end-to-end solution for Gold & Diamond wholesalers is one of the best ERP solutions available in the market to create and track sales/purchase orders. Get timely reminders through ouro & close your sales deals without any troubles. Fulfill all your orders effortlessly using ouro. Use ouro to generate bills in a single click. Save your valuable time and use it for value-adding activities like creating and maintaining customer relationships.

Record Expenses

Your business runs on money. Make sure you track it well using our successful software, ouro. Keeping track of your business-related purchases will save you time during tax filing. Record Expenses as they Happen! This is the best jewelry accounting software available for wholesalers to track all the money spent and also to create reports. Ouro also helps you enter the GST bill format of expenses, that can be used for claiming the input tax credit.

Receivables and Payables

By using our highly efficient software, ouro, you can handle your cashbook effortlessly. Keep track of the total money you ‘have to receive’ and the total money you ‘need to pay’ using ‘ouro’ software. In just a click, find who hasn't paid you yet. Set payment reminders to collect payment from customers on time. Keep your focus on billing as well as on the inventory of your business and let ‘ouro’ manage your receivables and payables.

Delivery Challan

Get acknowledgment upon delivery with “Delivery Challan” of ouro. Create delivery challans and attach them with your consignment using our highly efficient software, ouro. Easily ensure that your goods have reached customers safely. Sometimes, all your goods may not get accepted by customers. Convert your delivery challans to bills and share them easily with your customers and parties by using our highly efficient software, Nebu

Bank Accounts

Use nebu to add, manage and track payments received to your bank accounts, e-wallets, etc. Manage every cash-in, cash-out in one place. At the end of the day, your business account in the bank should match with actuals. Easily tally your bank statement with the bank account book maintained in nebu and always help to control your business. Nebu is very critical for you to be a smart businessman. Start using nebu today.

TAX Invoicing/Billing

Nebu lets you easily generate monthly/quarterly GSTR reports and helps you to ease your task of tax filing quicker. Raise GST Invoices in just 20 seconds. Using ouro, create GST bills in recommended GST invoice format and share them with your customers that too in seconds. Use the “Bill wise payment” feature & easily link payments against sales invoices. Using ouro, track your invoice due dates and identify overdue payments easily.

Data Safety and Security

Get 100% data security with ouro! If your data is unsafe, your business is in danger. Therefore ouro helps you to keep your data secure in your own device. Use ouro without any worries. Ouro automatically takes the backup of all your data at regular times to the private and secure location in an encrypted format to avoid any chance of losing them due to device change or damage. This leaves less work for you. Never lose anything important!

Business Reports

Gut feelings are dangerous, so make informed decisions with the right reports using ouro. View the data that is most important to you. To keep track of your business health, it is very critical for you to do proper bookkeeping and management accounting. Start using ouro and be more efficient. By using ouro, get a detailed analysis of all your ledger accounts, business details and will also allow you to check your profits in an efficient manner.


Enabling you to run your business smoothly and securely.

Nebu is well built on powerful Microsoft Technology Platform, with the security of cloud computing. Empower your business with more flexible, robust accounting and scheduled reports, Role wise Active Dashboards and KPls, Strong Financial Management with consolidation, branch-wise multi-currency, among others, Barcode, RFID, weighing machine integration, advanced search option, also enables re-valuation of inventory with direct integration to available rates.

Cost savings

Advanced Modules

01.CRM Advanced

  • Walk-in Customer Register.
  • Campaign Management.
  • Complaint Management.
  • Deposit Schemes.
  • Data Validation (Multiple Levels).

02.POS Advanced

  • Replacement cost Linking with POS
  • Consignment/Approval Sale through POS
  • Partial Sales Order across multiple branches
  • Bulk Discount option

03.POS Analytics

  • Combined Sales Analysis
  • Bucket wise analysis


Once you start using our products, you never have to stop. You'll never outgrow us, whether you're a start-up in a garage or a manufacturing powerhouse. We have solutions for businesses of every size, shape, and sector.
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