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Artificial Intelligence is intelligence displayed by machines, intelligence which seen in animals and human are nature intelligence. Earlier researcher developed problem solving using step-by-step solving algorithms.Basically now goes with knowledge representation, planning , learning, natural language processing and so and so. It’s what it goes in research side.

In market its perspective is different application are tremendous. You guys may be seen that your smartphones is like a Bible for AI systems. It gathers your contacts, messages, app that you use mostly and you don’t even how deep they are feeding you. As much AI eat that much it predicte you, Predication have key role in AI to change your decision making, may be you notice that in your day today life while you search gadgets or anything in a shopping site after that search, prominent social media burst out the suggestion for the similar products, how they get the details of your search? Simple by login or by cookies once the cookies read by the social media it keep tracking the pattern of you likes and dislikes without you clicking actual responds the system could track the interest and all. And it keep up with it, and drag to choice it, mostly it changes the way of direction its hook you up the system as long with this, its a psychological move. Nowadays Jio change our internet usage by their marketing style and now we all spend time to see online videos , Facebook and youtube sites are now mostly used for seeing videos and they start suggest you the similar videos to you most probably you watch it because similar user like you seen the same video that’s why it showed up.

Prediction, analysis, learning technics which all on its way to reach the best for you, it’s feed us and gives the best result. Many MNC are using AI for recruitment Recruiters spend 60% of their time reading CVs “Why should a person read 300 resumes if a machine can propose the top ten?” its not weird it’s a fact that AI have a key role in recruitment section. Project management system that can manage and administer projects without requiring human input. Not only will it automate simple tasks but it will also develop an understanding of key project performance. Project management AI can then use this knowledge to perform more complex tasks, uncover insights, and make recommendations and decisions. Companies get to know their customers when the customer buys or subscribes, and when there’s a customer-support issue. Evidently, companies have a lot of blind spots when it comes to their customers.You’d be surprised at what AI can do. A lot of problems that we think are impossible to solve – and are within the exclusive domain of human intelligence – can be solved

AI is now stay alive with us like a companion now, but there is always a back side that which we don’t even know, like Facebook shuts down robots after they invent their own language. Let’s look forward the best.